False Flags and Simpletons

An Iranian man makes contact with a pretend Mexican killer, and arranges for the killing of the Saudi ambassador to the U.S.; the Iranian man makes it clear to his contact, who is to participate in the killing, that people in Iran were backing the plot.

It is plain to me, reading the complaint in the Arbabsiar case, that whoever was behind the arrangements to kill the Saudi ambassador either intended to implicate Iran or was highly incompetent: if the killing had happened, there would have been a big flashing neon arrow pointing right at Iran.

A simpleton of the first degree would say, “the evidence points to Tehran, so Iran must be responsible.”

A simpleton of the second degree would say, “whoever is responsible tried hard to make us think that Iran is responsible, so Iran must not be responsible.”

A simpleton of the third degree would say, “whoever is responsible tried hard to make us think that Iran is responsible so that we would not believe Iran is responsible, so Iran must be responsible.”

And so forth. Odd degree = ultimately, things are as they seem; even degree = no, they are not.

Since most of the audience for the news are happy to behave as simpletons of the first degree, taking the story at face value, and since the Arbabsiar arrest was announced shortly after the Attorney General got caught lying to Congress, I count myself among the simpletons of an even degree.

Things, here, are not as they seem.

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  1. I’ll take the second harmonic and its multiples as well.

    This little false-flag-in-the-making is so obvious even the New York Times questioned it; sad, sad days for the once Mighty Wurlitzer as the CIA called their owned press. Operation Mockingbird, indeed; it now mocks itself.

    If a plot this idiotic were presented to even the schlock-machine in Hollywood it would be laughed out of the producer’s office. It’s not even direct-to-DVD material.

    But beware premature celebration; the fluoride, public schools, vaccines, and state-worshiping cop shows have done quite a job on the mush that was once the American mind. I’ll give it 50/50 odds of exciting Lummoxes with visions of glorious conquest over faraway brown people.

    “Christian” churches have hammered the looming threat of a Muslim Caliphate–“they’re coming here and they’re bringing Shariah”–into even the non-Lummox division of “conservatives”. They eat this stuff up. It’s Tom Clancy for everyman.

    If it does stick, it’s really, truly, horrifically dangerous because THIS one–a war with Iran–will, in the following order:

    * bankrupt us even more completely
    * involve Israel
    * pull in other powers
    * maybe go nuclear
    * possibly spark WW III
    * open the door to more false-flag terrist attacks here
    * pour Miracle Gro on the police state domestically

    It’s a statist’s dream come true. Will the masses buy it? Are they that far gone?

  2. The defendant, Mansoor Arbabsiar, is said to be cooperating with federal authorities; whatever that means. It would be interesting to know what he’s been saying, and to see in what direction the case goes.

    • If he’s a good little patsy and does as he’s told (like the underwear bomber) he’ll get off light. But if he crosses his handlers–oh the fun he’ll have!

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