The Secret Lives of Judges (corrected and updated)

Disturbing video of Aransas County, Texas Judge William Adams abusing his teenage daughter.

After watching some of that (I couldn't watch the whole thing), you may be happy to learn that the statute of limitations on felony injury to a child runs until ten years after the child turns 18. [I had it in my head that the child was 14 at the time of the assault. She was 16, which means that this incident was not injury to a child. It may have been an assault, an aggravated assault, or an injury to a disabled person, each of which has a limitations period of less than seven years. I hesitate to point this out because—just watch—the Texas Legislature will now extend the limitations period for all assaults, or lower the age at which someone is still considered a child for purposes of the injury-to-a-child statute, or otherwise do something to put more people into prison.]

This was not the first time Adams abused his child. If there were evidence that it had happened before she was fourteen years old, he would still be indictable. Aransas County District Attorney Patrick Flanigan could summon mother and child before a grand jury, and ask them about similar incidents before the child's fifteenth birthday. If there were (it's possible that their were not—Adams might simply be a frustrated pedophile who started beating his child when she became physically attractive to him), Adams could be indicted, and the state could argue for the admission of the unindicted assault videotape under Rule 404(b).

Makes you wonder what secrets the judges you appear before are keeping, no? I can imagine one or two of our local criminal-court tyrants getting off on exercising the sort of control over their children that they exercise over the humans forced to appear before them, and becoming enraged when the children don't immediately submit.

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  1. Mark – watched the entire thing. The father and what appears to be the mother both participate in this savage whipping. The woman appears to have het own belt. Based on what ” his Honor” and the woman are saying their orgy of violence was brought on by their daughter’s outrageous behavior of downloading games on her computer.
    ” his Honor” says to his daughter ” you don’t deserve to live in this house”. He is right about that. No child deserves to live in a house like that.
    No child should ever have to endure such
    Awful abuse.

    This sorry coward and his malignant female counterpart need to go directly to Prison. No Probation, no jail therapy. The Son of a bitch
    needs to go to prison. He is a disgrace as a judge, a lawyer and a human- being.

    The Commission on Judicial Conduct should br immediately disbanded as a joke if they dont immediately remove this vermin from the bench.
    Robb Fickman

  2. “The judge’s wife was emotionally abused herself and was severely manipulated into assisting the beating and should not be blamed for any content in this video. The judge’s wife has since left the marriage due to the abuse, which continues to this day, and has sincerely apologized and repented for her part and for allowing such a thing, long before this video was even revealed to exist.”

    Not blamed?? Right. If she understood that the daughter was being physically abused and didn’t report it, but later repents, she gets a free pass?? I think not. The Judge would have called in DSS, in a heartbeat, on anyone else. She wielded a belt in this video too. To play Devil’s Advocate, the good Judge could see his own career going down the drain over his daughter pirating tunes and files off of the net, so he got angry for sure. So, if there was some issue of the daughter’s on-going computer abuse, it might have been better to have tossed the computer out the window. THAT would be legal. And, he wouldn’t have to cuss so much. 🙂

    If the Judge was found clearly wacko, would all of his decisions get reversed?

  3. Remember that this is Texas.

    The judge is already preparing copies of the video for his re-election campaign. And he is likely starting to salivate at the possibility of moving up to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, perhaps in the office next to Sharon Keller (of “we close at 5” fame).

  4. Ah the video age, my dad beat me and my brothers just like that on a regular basis and called it discipline, but we didn’t even know such a thing as CPS or social workers existed, it seemed common place when I was little. Its always wrong to spank your child out of anger, which from what small portions of this video I have seen, this judge clearly was angry, it seems there would have been many wiser options for him to choose from. I have to wonder why this video was just now posted to YouTube by this girl at age 23, was she waiting for her parents to finish paying for her college education first?

    • Jill,

      I’m sorry you were abused. What your father did to you and your brothers is inexcusable. I hope you’ll seek professional psychological help.

      The judge was way out of line. Out of control. Not even a close call.

      Why did the girl wait till age 23? Who cares. It doesn’t matter. This is the danger of putting yourself in a blackmailable position: you might be blackmailed.

  5. Hmmm. Wonder why this 16 year old CHILD felt the need to: 1) set up the computer’s recording device in the first place?; 2) Go to such great measures to cover the little red recording device on the computer with a scarf? and 3) Risk getting caught?

    Because when people have been bitten by poisonous snakes in the past, It would be stupid to go back in the woods (or home, if thats where the snakes live too) with an unloaded shotgun.

    Why release it now? Regardless of whatever lame excuses are given in the Aransas local news paper by the snake’s spokesperson, it was released because it was meant to be released….karma can be a real kick in the ass for those that deserve it”

  6. Goes to show that judges certainly are people as well, with real lives off the bench. But then again check out this quote from the Guardian:

    “Before the video’s release William Adams had threatened to stop supporting her financially because of her lack of achievement in her work and studies. “Hillary warned her father if he reduced her financial support and took away her Mercedes automobile, which her father had provided, he would live to regret it,” Dudley said. “The post was then uploaded.”

    Hillary Adams had played up her cerebral palsy when she was actually “highly functional”.”


    • “Interesting,” sure.

      If the one person, above all others, whose job it was to keep you safe had beaten you with a belt, You might be fucked-up and manipulative too.

      We know that sociopaths, when they’re caught, play the victim. Is that the best he can do? Because “she did this to punish me” doesn’t, in my view, make him look any better—even if she went overboard, she learned that from him.

  7. I felt sickened and could barely watch the whole thing. And thinking about the mother’s comment where she urges her daughter to “submit” to the beating and “take it like a grown woman”, I feel even sicker. Apparently the mother think it’s a grown woman’s role to submit to beatings?
    That Adams Family must have been a house of horrors, indeed.

  8. That is what makes the creation of a Genogram so interesting. If Granddad beat Dad, and Dad beat you, then it’s pretty much a given that Great-Granddad beat Granddad and that you’re likely to be beating your own. You just draw the lines to fill in the blanks and attach the appropriate symbols. By the time an adult completes one, it’s too late to change the past but the present can be. It makes the most wonderful gift one can give to the next gen, so they hopefully don’t repeat the cycles of abuse and the various addictions. I did mine and it really helped to have the family cycles of abuse and addictions in my hand and on paper.

    The trick is to find the “Family Historian”, the person who knows all the dirt on everyone, like an elderly Aunt. If you’re candid and state that you want to stop whatever went on in the family’s past, they are most likely to give it all to you straight.

    It might be a great tool for the defence attorney to get a quick outline of your defendant’s family history, make a quick sketch family outline which will reveal much about your clients probable behaviours. Jus a thought, Ric

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