The Brain and the Law

An introduction to neurolaw, from David Eagleman of Baylor College of Medicine:

Eagleman teaches a seminar on the subject at Rice University; I’m signing up.

He also has a book:

Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain

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  1. As my Yoga instructor is fond of saying, “There is nothing new in this world”. This talk reminds me of the parable of Jesus and the Wild Man. (Mark 5) Jesus spent some time healing the Wild Man, which in the end cost 2,000 pigs to save the soul of one man.

    They wanted to ride Jesus out of town on a rail. To them, the cost was too high. While the cost of imprisoning a man or woman is high, it’s cheaper than mental-health treatment. So, when someone goes totally wackers, a lynch mob forms demanding all sorts of torture and abuse as if that person is actually 100% accountable. Bad brains=bad actions.

    If the problem is incurable then that person is pathological, If the problem is curable, do we spend the 2,000 pigs to restore that person? And, if we do that, can society be cured as well to accept that person back? The road to recovery is surrounded by those mean and abusive, who are not yet caught nor aware of the need for treatment.

    I really enjoyed this link and this findings. Excellent! I hope you share your thoughts and epiphanies as you attend his class. With your mind, it will be interesting to follow! Ric

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