So You’ve Been Disappeared


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  1. I believe this detainment policy is actually for the Occupy Movement’s activists. I expect the movement will begin to grow substantially this year and become a political party within the next three years. Once it begins to get some traction those leaders of the movement will swiftly disappear.

  2. Mike: I think that you are right in my paranoid moments. I certainly have seen Gibbs tell people they get no lawyer for interrogation so many times on NCIS, that I knew this was coming. Yeah, tv tells us what to expect, eh? What a horrible congress we have that they would vote for this. And what a president who felt he must sign it. Shame on them all. And I hope you are wrong.

    • Even if its original intention was not for those affiliated with the Occupy Movement, you can bet this piece of legislation will be abused, and abused badly. I’m sure there are thousands in law enforcement who are dreaming of ways to abuse this new-found power. I bet you would be hard-pressed to show me even one law that hasn’t been usurped and given an entirely new meaning by law enforcement then what was intended by the legislature.

  3. THIS is the tipping point. It’s the realization of Niemoller’s “first they came for the …”; it’s the apotheosis of tyranny.

    The disingenuous maneuverings that led to this bill being passed are so slimy they make my skin crawl. Watching Rockefeller practically dance to the podium on his way to vote “yes”, high-fiving his elite buddies on the way…just VILE.

    I wonder if any of the 93 senators who voted “aye” remember history? Of course not; “remember” would require having known it in the first place. Here’s a quick summary, idiot-senators: Mussolini trampled over, then arrested many of, his own parliament.

    Yes, idiot-senators, it will be used on YOU, too. You’re not so firmly ensconced in the Elite that you’re disappearing-proof; quite the contrary, you’re at higher risk than loudmouths like me.

    See you at camp FEMA, assholes.

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