Baby Prosecutor Bingo

So I was in Harris County Criminal Court at Law Number 14 this morning waiting for the judge to return from a long break when I saw this (PDF) on the state’s table for young prosecutors.

This explains some of the objections you hear prosecutors making: they’re choosing at random.

I was amused.

Then I noticed that there were three columns of eight objections each, and I was highly amused.

3*8 = 24 = 5^2-1.


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  1. You should see the cheat sheet they have for those ADA’s testifying in front of grand juries. It’s six-pages long and they are forced to memorize it and pass a pop quiz.

    • “Your honor, may I have the following twenty-four running objections to every question that the state asks, and every response that its witnesses give, in the course of this trial…?”

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