Five Years

Defending People started five years ago today. In that five years, I’ve written some 700,000 words in 1,700+ posts and been told 643 times that people don’t understand me.

In commemoration of the day, the traditional fish-related video:

12 responses to “Five Years”

  1. I remember the day Defending People was born. It was such a beautiful baby, and learned to walk and talk so quickly. Really, it was quite the prodigy, and quickly grew into such a handsome young blawg. Over the past five years, it has aged gracefully and become a mainstay of the blawgosphere, and (if my humble opinion is allowed) the finest criminal defense blawg around.

    Happy anniversary, Mark.

  2. Doubtless, your video answers the oft-asked question about the other, lesser-known origin of the scales of justice . . .

  3. Congratulations on making five years, Mark. Your blog inspired me to create my own.

    I remember distinctly thinking: “Well, hell, if people will actually log on to read what Mark Bennett has to say, then surely an anonymous prosecutor’s rantings could be a tremendous hit.”

  4. Can you be more specific about the word statistics? How many “thes”, “Harris County”, etc. I was looking forward to a breakdown.

  5. Hey Other Mark, congratulations on five good years of blogging. You’re always on my reading list, even if I haven’t got a clue about Harris County politics.

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