John C. Osborne, Again

I wrote here about Houston lawyer John C. Osborne’s travails with the State Bar of Texas. He’s still serving a probated suspension until December 2013, but the Commission for Lawyer Discipline nonsuited the first disbarment petition.

Now the Commission has filed a second disbarment petition (PDF) against Osborne, this time alleging that he overdrew his IOLTA account, the account in which he was supposed to be keeping client funds, using it to pay business and personal expenses including his health-insurance premiums, his contact lenses, tires, a tailor, his home mortgage, and home and office expenses.

Osborne is also being sued by a client for selling that client’s property out of trust.

You can tell I’m not a big fan of John C. Osborne’s. I’m a little surprised that he’s still practicing law. Check back in a year.

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  1. I am filing a complaint on John C Osborne today and mailing it out. How can I have him Disbarred, he is a crock and a liar!!!!!!! He has made my life hell!!!!!!!!

  2. What is going on with John C Osborne today on these matters? I might need to get an attorney to fight against him cause a sleezey man is trying to file a lawsuit against my daughter to kick her out of a club she started as she is not a man. The club is a club for men with beards that she and some friends started about 5 years ago. The other friends have moved on but she is still in in. They recently elected new officers and one of them decided women should not be there so he has asked her to step down as an officer and she refused. Now he says he is filing suit against her using this attorney.

      • Were do I start on what he has put us through. He was my exes attorney. First of all he approached me when we first met before court and told me to sign this paper giving my ex all this money and paying him a certain amount for his attorney fees or he would make me sorry and I would never see my kids again. He lied about everything in court and let her lie. Lied about not knowing where I was to have papers served in court to where I could be there for the finally hearing. Plus after we made agreements about about things and had both attorneys signed it in documents never turned it in to the judge like he promised plus he never turned in payments I had made. Needless to say now after spending thousands of dollars and a few years later correcting all his wrong doing. I now have full custody of my children and my ex isn’t even allowed around them. She only had them hidden from me and didn’t even have them nor had she had them. They were split apart and abused while she was living off the child support and abuse drugs. She was arrested later twice for it and on probation. He knew of her problems to begin with and that she cheated for years but played that she was this devoted mother and upstanding person. For his lies my children are still going through therapy from him taking there father away from their life. I also lost years of my children life. He needs to not only be punished for being a sorry attorney but also as a criminal.

  3. Please send your information into the FBI.
    I was called by someone who knew me years ago to update me on his wrongdoings again and again. Alcohol,drugs root of his problems?
    He was disbarred.
    He has alias names.
    He writes contracts called dummy case.
    He has thrown a case gets kickbacks.
    Bad deal!

    • Why has not anyone criminally prosecuted him?
      The state has had evidence where my name was forged !!!!!
      I paid a forensic expert to go to trial. However, I got death threats and was single with three sons.
      Our legal system is corrupt as well.
      I was told by an ex- judge friend , avoid litigation at all costs.

  4. I forgot to say John Osborne sneaks in a cease and desist letter when you realize he is bankrolling a case.
    Acts like you are the problem.
    He is the problem.
    I am not knowledgable to handle something that happened so many years ago nor would I waste my time !
    Houston , Texas is multi- level corrupt.
    Never will change.
    People who harm a mother with small children, well for their financial issues is pure evil.

  5. Case number 201139174 – 7 Harris County District Court 334. Filed in 2011 against Flagstar also. The case got dropped and why, we have no idea.

    That, SOB took us to the cleaners and another fraud. grrrrrr

  6. This is Not the John Osborne, I knew from many years ago, he handled a case from me when I was treated horrible by Continental airlines, he took care of me, basically rescuing me, bought me new clothes since mine were covered in blood that I had coughed up on. Then bought me ticket for later on, I had met his wife and kids at the time and took care of me for 3 days till I was well enough to travel. We sued Continental and won. I wanted only all medical coverage, attorney fees, reimbursement for the airline ticket and clothes that were lost and new one bought. He received a congressional reward from Oregon.

  7. So sorry to hear so many had trouble with this guy. He’s been screwing clients for quite some time as he did me about fifteen years ago. He is one rotten, evil and untrustworthy person. Absolutely no morals or ethics. I wish everyone involved the best of luck.

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