The Grudge DBA

Harris County Assistant District Attorney Rachel Palmer has filed an assumed-name certificate declaring that she will be doing business as Life at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center.

Someone else has been doing business as Life at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center for about four years: Murray Newman, who started a blog by that name on 8 January 2008, and who has not been gentle with either Palmer or her husband Don Hooper.

So Palmer's got a grudge against Newman, but what's her game?

(Rachel, do you know who else tries to take over the namespace of her perceived enemies? Crystal Cox.)

(p.s. To Murray's anonymous commenters: I know it hurts, but my anonymity policy still applies to you. You're not nearly as clever as you seem to think you are.)

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  1. I don’t know what any of this means. DBA, I assume, means ‘Doing Business As’. Why is a prosecutor “doing business as” anything? Is she no longer a prosecutor?

  2. Hopefully, Murray will adjust and manipulate the meta-data behind his blog so that her ill-conceived idea of filing this assumed name certificate will actually result in more folks making their way to his blog to read some of the unflattering things he’s written about Mrs. Palmer.

  3. Does she think she now owns the copyright to that name and that Newman would be required to end his blog or rename it? If so, she needs to retain an attorney and seek legal advice.

    She should be more concerned with the condylomata acuminata or whatever that growth is on her chin. Maybe she should file an assumed-name certificate for that!

  4. During my time as a prosecutor, I was once admonished by the 6th floor administration for some comments which I wrote on this very blog. I wonder if Palmer will be admonished, as she’s now “doing business” as a blog that has written some very, very harsh things about the current administration….Nah.

    What the heck is wrong with these people? How does one let politics become the driving force in one’s existence?

  5. Mark,

    I have owned “Life at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center” since January of this year. Murray has never owned anything associated with this name and this includes his blog which is owned by Google, not Murray. So, you can see where I found it hilarious that Murray didn’t own the domain. I cannot tell you how hard we all laughed when we discovered that Murray did not even own the DBA. I said we because I vet everything through my lawyers and they laughed really hard too.

    Murray is not very smart and free speech is just that. I invite you to look real hard at my website and see how it is held, portrayed, and owned. There was a reason Rachel filed the DBA not me. I found out the DBA was available while I was sitting on a drilling site in South Texas. You have to be present to file a DBA and after I acquired the domains over the weekend I didn’t want the genius to rush down and file a DBA. Rachel simply walked across the street to file the DBA. I wouldn’t worry too much about Rachel’s involvement in the site. She is not involved in the writing or anything else involving the blog except ownership since we live in a community property state.

    If you think that I am not aware of Crystal Cox and her case you are mistaken. Crystal Cox was sued successfully for writing things that were not true. By the way, the site is not for sale. Murray and the morons have yet to mention anything that I wrote that was not true. Mark, come on, it is funny. Murray is a complete idiot, admit it.

    Let me guess Murray finally got around to filing a DBA and saw who owned it, frigging hilarious!

    • You know what’s funny? It’s funny that you laughed when you discovered that Murray didn’t “own” LifeAtTheHarrisCountyCriminalJusticeSystem, yet you don’t own,, or even, all of which are available right now ($12 a year for the first two; $495 up front for the third).

      I doubt that either you or Murray is often accused of brilliance, but your approach to this problem is irrational. You’re displaying cargo-cult thinking, as though the trappings (here, the name) are magical.

      Murray didn’t register the domain name or claim a DBA because he didn’t need to. Your acquiring the domain name and filing a DBA has no effect on Murray.

      Trying to “own” a name online or in the real world is a fool’s errand. To make that point, I thought about registering and and pointing them to Murray’s blog. I didn’t, so you can run and register those now.

  6. Well,, damn, I guess Don and Rachel got me on this one. I’ll never get paid all those millions of dollars that I was certain I would get back when I started the blog in 2008.

    I guess I will just have to reconcile myself with the happy thought that my help in keeping Rachel Palmer and Danny Dexter off the bench in 2010 was worth it.

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