TSA and METRO: The Denials Begin

METRO press release 13 April:

random bag checks(Source.)

METRO blog post 16 April:
Law officials performed random bag checks


METRO twitter account 18 April:

Screen Shot 2012 04 18 at 3 36 02 PM


I’m guessing someone talked to a lawyer and realized that random bag checks aren’t such a hot idea, Constitutionally speaking. So we agree on that. Now, METRO, let’s get together and send TSA packing.

7 responses to “TSA and METRO: The Denials Begin”

  1. Be careful. Franklin said that they blocked him on Twitter. Nothing like your government taking the position that they are no longer required to even marginally listen to your input. Thank goodness for hashtags.

  2. Just a question. If a governmental agency was to block you on twitter, would they be violating your right to free speech? Just something that popped into my head.

  3. So some armed goon in a police uniform says “I want to search your bag”. If you don’t agree then you must obviously have something hide which means (in their minds) they now have probable cause to search.

    Just what I wanted for my birthday – some mouth breather who only has to have 2.0 GPA (straight off the Houston, TX PD website) for an incomplete degree (only 48 credit hours are required and most undergrad degrees are 120+) deciding they need to search me.

    And the “training” was conducted by another bunch of mouth breathers who’s “key qualifications” (according to the job posting) is that they not be criminals, not be delinquent on more than $7500 of debt, not be delinquent on their taxes, not be behind in child support payments, and they registered for the draft when they were supposed to. At least the Houston PD requires SOME college…..

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