VIPRgate on KPFT

Today I was on Geoff Berg’s Partisan Gridlock radio show on Pacifica radio station KPFT, along with METRO Police Chief Victor Rodriguez.

It was an hour-long show, but only the first half seems to have been recorded to MP3. Also, it didn’t broadcast over the airwaves in some of the KPFT service area once I started talking: technical difficulties involving lightning.

Here’s what we have of it:

3 responses to “VIPRgate on KPFT”

  1. Wow, METRO did not come across very well in that piece. It’s nice to see this sort of thing getting criticism in the regular media. And I thought it was interesting that Oberg said “three of them were for drug arrests, two of those, by the way, just drug users.” That’s not the sort of distinction I’m used to seeing in the news media.

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