Last Week’s Reasonable Doubt

In which Todd Dupont, Franklin Bynum and I discuss METRO VIPRgate and have way too much fun:

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  1. Very bouffant. A ZZ top beard to die for. But why the superfluous mid-80s telephone prop?

    Can I suggest carrying a card for presentation to any transit police demanding ‘your papers, sir’ – with the following text – as ‘issued’ by English political comedian Mark Thomas, and which is available at:


    I pledge to waste your time if you decide to waste mine

    Let your legal representatives know your wishes and keep this card with you at all times.

    In the event of a stop and search being intrusive, unlawful or malicious I pledge to issue a formal complaint to the relevant Police Professional Standards Department.

    As these complaints are investigated by fellow police officers redress is unlikely to be forthcoming. I therefore pledge to pursue the issue through the IPCC and if the situation permits to issue civil proceedings against the chief constable or commissioner of the relevant police force, seeking an admission of liability and damages.

    Regardless of the outcome, you will have your time wasted for wasting mine.

    Text by Mark Thomas

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