The Great DA Purge of ’12

Not only was Pat Lykos ousted by Harris County primary voters, but John Bradley of Williamson County was as well.

I don’t know anything about his successor, Williamson County Attorney Jana Duty, but I hope she’ll drag the county out of the ranks of hellish white-flight suburban backwaters, where Bradley fought so hard to keep it for so long. Congratulations to the voters of WIlliamson County.

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  1. Mark-

    Michael Morton – 25 years in Prison
    Anthony Graves- 18 years in Prison
    Both men exonerated.
    Crimes Committed: None
    Combined time behind bars 43 years.

    Prosecutor Ken Anderson ( Williamson)
    Prosecutor John Bradley (Williamson)
    Procecutor Charles Sebesta( Burleson)
    Crimes Committed: Manufacturing and Hiding Evidence to secure convictions and incarceration of innocent men and Continued Denial of such in the face of overwhelming evidence of same.
    Combined Time behind bars: 0 Minutes

    Innocent Men go to Prison, Guilty as Sin Prosecutors drink a Longneck

    No Place but Texas

    Robb Fickman

  2. The evidence against Ken Anderson has been falling apart from the start. The check which was claimed to have been cashed was actually signed by Morton. He told a news reporter after his trial that his son (Eric) told him he saw the murder happen, so that’s also out the window. The order to produce all the field noted of Don Wood was never given during the pre or actual trial according to court transcripts. In reality, the sheriff took Wood’s place on the stand. If the original defense had actually done their job and followed through with their subpoena for Wood to testify none of that would have been an issue. They also had a PI looking into the green van and other issues revolving around the case which led to nothing. It’s sad that no one cares to look into these lie pushed out there by Berry Scheck. After all, if the media wasn’t so ignorant and writing stories about how this DA now Judge needs to be prosecuted and disbarred, then Harle wouldn’t have been such a coward and followed common sense when looking at the evidence.

    Stupid people believe everything they read, smart people challenge themselves to find the truth and drink a fine scotch on the rocks.

    Steve Caswell

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