My Prediction in Dionne Press’s Assisted-Suicide Case

I’ve written about the case of the British guy charged with assisting in his wife’s suicide (and represented by Dionne Press) here, here, and here.

My bet is that sometime in the next two weeks the DA’s Office will take the case to a grand jury, and the grand jury will no-bill (because there’s no evidence that the accused caused his wife’s suicide). The DA will have washed her hands of the matter and Press will be able to pretend (at least to herself) that she’s a heroine for “beating” the case.

By that time, however, Press’s client will have spent almost sixty days in the Harris County jail charged with a fine-only offense because of Press’s lack of diligence.


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  1. How on earth can this be? I wish the Houston Press (or better yet, the Houston Chronicle) would a run a story on this travesty. Surely Press wears some kind of disguise to the courthouse these days?

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