The Lesson of Todd Akin

The lesson (for criminal-defense lawyers) of Missouri Republican Todd Akin’s surprising assertion that “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut the whole thing down” is that there are people who earnestly believe such nonsense, which may be turned to our clients’ advantage.

3 responses to “The Lesson of Todd Akin”

  1. Perhaps an even more salient lesson might be to think before you speak, since one ill-advised, insensitive comment can turn a whole bunch of voters (and jurors) against you.

    • We often don’t have time to ponder the effects of our words before we talk. So how about, “if you’re prone to making ill-advised, insensitive comments when you don’t think before you speak, you’re in the wrong job”?

  2. Someone really needs to run Akin through a sex-offender rehab course. He might become closer attuned to the rights of the victims. I think he re-victimized any woman who became pregnant through rape or incest …as the blame is being put on the victim’s own body’s failure to terminate the pregnancy.

    By his statement, they are at biological fault and must have really wanted to carry the baby. I think anyone seeking a Judgeship could denounce that notion, without incurring the wrath of the general thinking/voting public. Those who do disagree can pound sand. 🙂 Ric

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