A Motivational Poster for Our Harris County Judges

Mass Pleas

5 responses to “A Motivational Poster for Our Harris County Judges”

  1. I don’t believe this is a fair and accurate depiction of what was taking place at the time. For starters, I am not that fat or white. Yes, that is another attorney with me. No, not all of these men were pleas.

  2. Mr. B., the bailiff on the far right looks like he caught the unknown photographer’s flash in the unknown court and is about to pounce.

    Mass plea bargaining (MPB) has become business as usual in H.C. or was this event the first? Being assigned to or agreeing to represent a group of criminal defendants in a non-class action suit, smells a lot like China. Thanks.

    *If this is cool with everyone, then I advocate for a proper circle jerk where police read suspects the so-called rights in front of the vehicle and the unit’s assigned ADA facilitates back seat pleadings (BSP), complete with free rides to the ATM and / or prison of choice, all in the name of …

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