Don’t Say I Haven’t Warned You.

Fortunately for the government, procedures are being put into place for dealing “civilly” with those deemed antisocial: once a conviction for which the sentence is allowed to trigger civil commitment, a principle is in place allowing other government-condemned behavior to do so as well.

Me, a couple years ago.

First they came for the sex offenders.

Then they came for the veterans, the gun collectors, and the preppers.

Whom will they come for next?

Certainly not you…right?

How sure are you?

2 responses to “Don’t Say I Haven’t Warned You.”

  1. I am a registered sex offender. They sure as hell came after me. Even after I was done with my time. Ex-Post facto breaches of my plea bargain occur routinely. I’ve almost gotten used to having it occur. “Well, it isn’t PUNITIVE, we’re just informing the public.” What??

    Informing the public with the wrong information I would think to be considered libelous. If I put up a webpage proclaiming that Mark Bennett was a scumbag and robs banks, I think he would sue me and win. Mainly as there is no ~evidence~ or ruling that he did. Same in my case. The State of Virginia does as Virginia pleases. Lord, forgive them as they know not what they do.

    And, they will continue to do as they do as long as Mr. & Mrs. Joe Lunchbucket feel safe in their own skins. I doubt it is different in Texas or just about another other place in the US. It’s YOU folks that stand between “us” and “them”. The Good Lord put you where you are for a purpose. I pray that you all are about it. It’s getting pretty bad out there.

  2. Kismet! I just got this note in an email…

    This is an excerpt from the most recent VA CURE newsletter:

    “A number of Virginia CURE members attended the trial
    of a Sex Offender in Alexandria who was fighting civil
    commitment. The prosecutor attempted to picture the
    young man as predatory and narcissistic. The narcissism
    charge was based upon statements made by the defendant
    at age 20, which indicated that he did not respect his
    parents. The jury was composed of all women of a certain
    age and one man. The defendant was acquitted. One
    juror was heard to say as they left for lunch : ‘Why do
    they want to make him serve longer? He has already
    finished his sentence?!’ One wondered how many of the
    jurors had children and could see nothing unusual about a
    20 year old feeling that he knew more than his parents!
    We hope that occasions like this signal a change in the
    public’s perception of sex offenders and a growing
    awareness of the different levels of offenses.”

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