“I Want More Cops Because I’m Afraid of Tyranny”

Lubbock County Judge (not a judicial officer, but an elected county manager) Tom Head wants more money for Lubbock County law enforcement. His justification is that a) Obama will hand over US Sovereignty to the UN; b) the people will rise; c) Obama will send UN troops in to Lubbock County; d) Head will stand in front of their armored personnel carrier; d) the sheriff will back him up; and e) Head wants the officers backing him to be “trained, equipped, seasoned officers.”

This is only the second stupidest thing I heard yesterday, but it’s world-class stupid nonetheless. It plays on the pseudolibertarian idea that our freedom is threatened by the federal government (and the world government) but not by local and state governments.

Head is proposing spending 2.8 million dollars to prepare for the UN’s invasion of Lubbock County, population 270,000.

Head’s officers will need military-style equipment and training to face these UN troops. What will they be doing with it while they’re waiting for the black helicopters? They’ll be kicking down doors, making pot busts, harassing motorists, and generally trampling freedom. When Obama’s white APCs never materialize, the people of Lubbock County will, through Tom Head, have subjected themselves to tyranny in the name of fighting tyranny.

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  1. O.K., I’ll bite. “Second stupidest thing”?

    After graduating from Tech Law School, I practiced in Lubbock for 14 years before moving to Houston. Most folks in the Hub City were conservative (in the popular sense of the word circa 1988), but the wingnuts were kept on the fringe. Tom Head was on the fringe.

    But, in Lubbock’s defense, the nut jobs are taking over everywhere and as long as government serves their particular value system and demographic, it is “good.” If it doesn’t, it is bad.

    By the way, I hear the remake of “Red Dawn” is coming out later this year.

    • You see how “second stupidest thing” is a different color, and underlined? That’s what we on the Internet call a link.

      Left on the cutting-room floor: “If you are afraid of tyranny, take that 2.8 million dollars and use it to train and equip a militia with no official power.”

      The time is certainly right for a remake of “Red Dawn.” I wonder who the invaders are going to be.


  2. Wait!!! Didn’t you see the Movie ” Red Dawn”?
    Mark this stuff is documented. I can see Blackhawks circling my building now. Got to go..,

  3. The BIG question that arises is why hasn’t he gotten a phone call at 4:30AM to look out his window and find a SWAT team, with pistols drawn, demanding he show himself to be taken away for civil commitment? It anyone is clearly a nut case and a threat to polite society, this guy is it. Yet, he’s not hauled away. Go figure. Ric

  4. A “link”? Oh. Yeah. ((Grumbling about fancy high-tech verbiage foisted on me by my betters.))

    And the answer to the other question is:
    North Koreans.

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