Conditioning Proceeds as Planned

Caught on video (via Lisa Simeone, TSA News): TSA goons training travelers to be unquestioningly compliant

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  1. Mark- The only thing worse than the abusive Neanderthalian TSA goons is the apathetic cowardly majority of Americans who so willingly give up their liberty. Fortunately , we are in neither group. Unfortunately we are duty bound to fight the
    Former in order to save the later notwithstanding the laters infuriating complicity in their own destruction.

    In the meantime, this is one Jewish man who sees striking & frightening parallels between this period in history and one about 80 years ago across the Atlantic. Mass control of the sheep is easy when the sheep are conditioned to expect the control. It’s even easier when the sheep are grateful for the control.

    Thank you and others for keeping a sharp eye for those of use who won’t be riding the God damn trains this time. Eternal vigilance is getting to be …more eternal.

    Robb Fickman

  2. Mr. B., at first I envisioned multi-colored rats in lockstep formation to their final destiny of destruction as the piper’s lil helpers drop kicks the stragglers. Then I remembered that they (USA) has recently outlawed “belligerents” (plural) to coincide with other laws aimed at increasing the definition & consequences of – Disorderly Conduct. (can’t find the SJ. link). The Russians one uped us by calling it “hoolliganism”.

    Adding this to the very well put: “…cowardly majority of Americans who so willingly give up their liberty”, planes falling apart in mid-air, crew flipping out, passengers flipping out, TSA power trippers, fingers mandatorily going in places where they shouldn’t and you get a double dose of WTF? Multiply that by the fact that Pre-911 airport security consisted of those barely able to speaky and you get folks like myself that refused to fly way back then even if you personally gave free tickets and hot toddies.

    RED ALERT! The cure to TSD (Transportation Stupidity Disease) is available and free. 1. Avoid airports. 2. Avoid traveling through states that allow rogue police to roam freely in search of out of state or out of county license plates. 3. Stay home – Skype / Email as you “Un-Occupy” tm the rat race to grandmas. Thanks.

  3. I can’t wait until I’m subjected to the prisoner-training “Freeze!” drill.

    I will continue just as I was, walking without even a pause.

    If I’m questioned, I’ll reply–

    “You forgot to say ‘Simon Says!’”

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