You Keep Using That Word…

Mark Bennett,

I work for 17 different attorneys throughout
The United States, and I have a simple proposition
that will benefit your website and ours.

One of my attorney clients would like to
Place a link from his website to your website,
Which will elevate you in Google’s eyes and help
You get higher up in Google results.

In return, we ask for a link from your website to
A different attorney client of ours.

No money exchanges hands, the links are not
Reciprocal, and both parties benefit.

This is NOT a ‘black hat’ technique, or anything
That violates Googles’ terms of service.

100% straight up, legitimate, tit for tat.
Are you open to this simple arrangement?

Please reply regardless,

Andrew Hudson

I do not think “reciprocal” means what you think it means.

(Google says that “Excessive reciprocal links” can negatively affect your site’s ranking in search results.)

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  1. It irritates me that lawyers who are web smarter but far less experienced than me are grabbing all the business. The only damn inquiries I get are from hacks promising to move me up through
    Smoke & mirrors.


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