Fun With UCE

“Lee” wrote to offer me a smoking deal: is a premium domain available for you to attract online customers. This URL defines an entire, high revenue, industry and you can own it – whether to enhance your own practice or build a directory of DWI attorneys. is available for just $98,777

Iif you’re the sort of lawyer who would think for even a moment of dropping a hundred large on a domain name, I’ve got a better proposition for you: buy (DWI ticket? Are there still places where DWI is a mere ticket?) from me for a mere $49,000 and you can spend spend the balance on hookers and blow.

2 responses to “Fun With UCE”

  1. What a completely ridiculous offer. For maybe 2% of the cost for that domain you could easily hire an Internet Marketing firm to get you a similar domain and have them build up its credibility & incoming traffic flow.

    Having a website is important for lawyers, but it’s definitely not worth $100,000.

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