My Evaluations from the Advanced Criminal-Law Course

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Highlights of audience comments:

• "The 'Interesting Legal Questions' only served to confuse me." (There's a fine line between interesting and confusing; I cross it occasionally.)

• "Presentation was well done. What a shame that his 'biased liberalism' had to be so blatant it detracted from an otherwise good discussion." (You stand up and fight for the right of devout "judge not" Christians to serve on juries, and they call you a biased liberal.)

• "Speaker has unique and interesting style kind of like Led Zeppelin." (I am not entirely sure what that means. It's been a long time since I rock and rolled.)

Here's the video, if you're interested.

4 responses to “My Evaluations from the Advanced Criminal-Law Course”

  1. Mr. B., the first two comments’ are obviously from the two goofball ADAs in the back row. The “Interesting Legal Questions” segment was spot on and only confused the one picking his nose. The “biased liberalism’ is so far off base that it can only be attributed to a drunken drug idled attorney / lawyer washout to be with terretts syndrom.

    I saw & heard no Led Zeplin resemblence whatsoever (the bats had a good beat but you couldn’t & wouldn’t dance to it), (drug tests for all advanced criminal law students? Thanks.

    Note: please play “Stairway to Heaven” with a fog machine at full blast in your very next power point & say something biased & liberal so we can hear what it sounds like.

  2. The year I spoke, I received the second lowest rating because I was “too pro defense”. Imagine that. The person who received the honors of lowest rated was Mac Secrest. I was happy to be in that company. I was never asked back (because Brian Wice who was handling speakers at least at that time is a butt kisser and there were a lot of judiciary and prosecutors there.) My gig was many, many years ago.

    (I advocated video recording every stop and every warrant execution. Apparently that did not sit well with the majority – who were not criminal defense lawyers…..)

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