Conrad Black on BBC

This may be the greatest television news interview I’ve ever watched.

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  1. I just changed my mind. Previously, I’d imagined the superpower I most wanted was to stop time.

    Now, the superpower I most want is to speak extemporaneously as powerfully as Conrad Black.

    He reminds me very much of Nigel Farage, the co-founder and member of the UKIP (UK Independence Party). Farage’s youtube clips excoriating the petty tyrants of the EU parliament of whores are legendary. The other co-founder, Lord Christopher Monckton, is a close second. Listening to either one is akin to seeing a lashing by a cat-o’-nine-tails.

  2. That…was astonishing. Thanks for posting it otherwise I would have missed out entirely. A fascinating individual. I don’t believe I have ever encountered a person who was at once so articulate and rudely obnoxious.

  3. This is gold. Pure gold. Precisely because it is true. It’s nice to see there are a few people with backbones left in this world. (I’m talking about Conrad, not the interviewer)

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