TSA: Rule 407 Does Not Apply

The TSA will remove all 174 backscatter scanners from the 30 airports they’re used in now. Another 76 are in storage. It has 669 of the millimeter wave machines it is keeping, plus options for 60 more, TSA spokesman David Castelveter said.

Not all of the machines will be replaced. Castelveter said that some airports that now have backscatter scanners will go back to having metal detectors. That’s what most airports used before scanners were introduced.


This is huge news.

It isn’t huge news because the TSA is getting rid of nude scanners. The 669 millimeter-wave machines are nude scanners too—the TSA claims that they don’t produce the explicit images that the backscatter machines provide, but I don’t know why we would trust the TSA on this. For all we know, the millimeter-wave machines have a boss key that switches from All Nude All The Time to Gumby for media medicine shows.

No, this is huge news because the TSA says that “some airports that now have backscatter scanners will go back to having metal detectors.”

In other words, nude scanners are not necessary.

In still other words, they never were.

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  1. Mr.B., do you see the ‘machines’ being utilized in places where no one gives a rat’s ass about the side effects and / or the scannee’s opinion about its use? For some reason, I see them being condensed for mobile point & shoot operations. And the implementaion of the – “if you don’t know you are naked in public” loophole defense of the prosecution of being in possession of (fill in the blank). Scary shit, sorta.

    Example of places they might show up: schools, prisons, jails, courthouse (public entry points), theaters’, concerts, political events, council meetings, gun shows, lingerie shows, Wal-Mart’s, fishing tournaments’, police vehicles with backseat sit & scat adapters, …….

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