Peter A. Barone: Asshat Prosecutor of the Day

This came in today:

Hello to all,  

This is an announcement regarding ASA Peter A. Barone. On January 7, 2013 Peter A. Barone finished his final defense for his Ph.D. and was officially announced as Dr. Peter A. Barone.

Dr. Barone spent 5+ years obtaining his degree and would like to request that during formal court proceedings that you please refer to him by his proper and legal title, that being Dr. Barone. This request is similar to the manner in which the sitting judge is called Judge or Your Honor, or as his fellow attorneys are addressed as counselor or Mr. or Ms., and not by their first name during formal proceedings. 

Dr. Barone would like to thank his fellow colleagues for their cooperation in this matter in advance and realizes that at times it is difficult to remember a title change and is willing to assist by advising and correcting his colleagues during official proceedings of his new and permanent title if they inadvertently forget.     

Victor Garcia-Herreros
Legal Assistant for Dr. Peter Barone
State Attorney’s Office of Highlands County
411 S. Eucalyptus Street
Sebring, FL 33870
Fax: (863)402-6563

Here, rife with grammatical errors, is Barone’s bio. Before he defended his dissertation he was calling himself “Professor PETER A. BARONE, ESQ., Ph.D.(c), LL.M, JD, MSM, CPP.”

No self-respecting lawyer gives himself the honorific “Esq.”; there is something seriously wrong with a lawyer who not only insists on being called by an honorific that, outside of the academy, is traditionally reserved for physicians, but also will “assist by advising and correcting his [fellow] colleagues during official proceedings of his new and permanent title if they inadvertently forget.”

I could have great fun with this if he were in my jurisdiction.

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    • I worked with him before and I think that an actual business in Texas would have no clue how anyone did their work in another state. If you want to speak rumors from unhappy people that can’t voice their own issues with Mr. Barone, you are showing your un- professionalism and lack of moral code. And if I lived in Texas I would never use you as an attorney, you have shown your lack of intelligence.

  1. I have never been to Sebring Florida but I would urge all there to call this guy by his given name
    ” Peter” which we all know is just another word for pecker.

  2. Yeah, the “Esq.” thing does tend to serve as a nice little warning label.

    “Nurse Barone, we really need to discuss the…oh, that’s not it? Oops.”

  3. Are you sure his assistant really wrote that/sent it out? It looks like the kind of thing Murray Newman used to write at the DA’s office when someone unwisely left their computer unlocked…

  4. Actually, I’ve met several Nigerian lawyers that prefer the title Esquire. I don’t know if this is particularly relevant or not, but it is an observation I’ve made.

    So, who gets to make the call whether someone is a “self-respecting lawyer?”

  5. He probably doesn’t care about being politically correct, which is a serious disease right now in our great nation!

  6. Actually, I’ve been on a years long crusade to get people to call me Doctor. I am a doctor, after all. A doctor of laws. YEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH.

  7. I am actually going to legally change my first name to “Doctor”. Then you willl HAVE to call me that!!!

  8. The elected state attorney for that circuit is Jerry Hill. He know abouy the email; admits that it is genuine; and dreadfully embarrassed by it.

    I sent Barone a congratulatory email addressing him as ‘Pete.’

    • In my experience, federal judges like lawyers with the backbone to challenge them. “It’s actually ‘rush-ee,” your honor. ‘ROOSH-DEE’ is just my straw man.”

  9. Why is a prosecutor permitted to shill his legal and consulting services? My employer is a major law firm and would never permit me to do this.

    Also, his bio has a prominent picture of New York. He is not licensed in NY, does not live in NY. Is this false advertising? Is he ashamed of Florida?

  10. Mr. Elliott, in Florida state employees are permitted to have second jobs as long as they do not interfere with their state jobs.

    In my jurisdiction, the Eighth Circuit, we have a prosecutor who is also the head bartender at one of the most popular bars in town that sits immediately across a major thorough from the University of Florida.

    • Yes, and thats reasonable. Being a bar tender is not the sort of thing that would be likely to cause a conflict of interest, unless you were on the liquor licensing board.

      Being a prosecutor and consultant on all sorts of things: a little more difficult.

      Lets say want to knock out my competitor. I find some reason hire Barone as a “consultant” to see if he thinks that behavior X by my competitor is criminal. He concludes it is, and we see Barone brining a crmiinal case against my competitor. Barone can say he is just prosecuting crime where he sees it.

      Tell me now that there is no conflict of interest.

  11. Thinking out loud here… I’d probably let him pull this schtick in front of the jury.

    “Mr. Barone…”
    “Actually, it’s DOCTOR Barone, counselor…”
    “Oh. Right. I’m sorry. Ladies, and gentlemen, I must apologize. Dr. Barone recently obtained his Ph.D. in (whatever). He has asked that me and the court refer to him as doctor. If I accidentally refer to him as “Mister” or “Counselor” please assume that I meant Doctor. It’s my mistake.”

    Then continue to call him “Mr. Barone” a few times and let him correct you. The jury will love him.

    • that is hysterical!! perfect for closing arguments!! But isn’t calling opposing counsel “dr” distracting to the jury and the court? The “dr” part could be misconstrued as some more intelligence, or expertise, or not…., but the proceeding has nothing to do w/ the CV of either attorney. One can’t say in open or close to the jury that they have a master’s or PHD in anything so a “Dr” title would be inadvertently communicating that same information, that is irrelevant to the trial/hearing, to the jury. Wouldn’t a judge have discretion to instruct both counsels that in the courtroom their role is counselor representing the state/client and therefore they are to be addressed as “counselor, “not Reverend, Doctor, Professor, or any other earned designation, title, that is not part of the role in the courtroom. Plus as one representing the state in proceedings, the “dr” is not part of the representation and the state should be able to tell this guy that any other designations etc are not part of the representation.

  12. I have to admit, it sounds a bit pompous, but you’ve got to give it to him, he had the guts to make such a demand!

  13. The chief administrative assistant state attorney in that office, Bryan Haas, has already stated that Barone will not be addressed as Dr.

    Barone though, in an email he sent me just this morning, is referring to himself as Dr.

    So whatever happens should be very entertaining.

  14. I called the 10th Circuit State Attorneys Office and they confirmed it was not a prank and he would NOT be called doctor.

  15. One would think that someone who writes and speaks for a living and has received so many degrees would know such things as how to break a text into paragraphs.

  16. Speaking as a Ph.D. holder, I know Pete Barone is an asshat! Indeed, posts like this are why I don’t drink (anything at all) and surf the Internet at the same time.

    Like several other commenters here, I wondered if that announcement was a prank.

    Bill Poser: You learn how to break text into paragraphs in elementary school. You then unlearn it in graduate school. (And if you’re lucky and/or somewhat considerate, you re-learn it in the workaday world.)

    Jeff Deutsch

  17. Mark – more of this, please? You’re blog is always interesting, but the LOL potential of this post has just been priceless. Kudos to your damn witty people that comment.

  18. You are all just jealous. There isn’t a single Doctor / super spy / professor / lawyer / certified massage therapist / among you plebes. I’ll have you know these titles and honorifics don’t come easy. I sent $30 to the Universal Life Church. I taught some college classes. I went to law school. I got appointed to some sort of amorphous faculty position in a primarily French speaking jurisdiction. I got my face painted and rode on an elephant at age 5. What have YOU done???


    Reverend Professor J. A. Fine, Esq., J.D., M.C., King of the Circus (1976)

  19. This is by far the most hilarious blog I have read yet. I truly don’t understand how you a “Religious” Attorney with only a BA and JD can down grade another Attorney that has by far more education and experience then you. Based on the information you posted regarding Peter A Barone it is sad to say but YOU ARE JEALOUS!!

    PS, by the way, before I commented I made sure to research you and Peter A Barone. If anyone is interested in reading the true facts this is the website with the correct information.
    *Let the facts speak for itself…

  20. It is indeed hilarious, but perhaps not in the way that Peter (and) Jennifer think. Was “religious” put in quotes to denote sarcasm, or is he really that stupid? –Never mind….dumb question.

    • Mike you are as pathetic as mark.I am not one to judge but where in your Religion study or right mind do you think it is ok to post somthing about someone in public that you have clue about…”ARE YOU REALLY THAT STUPID?-NEVER MIND…DUMB QUESTION” now that was a denote sarcasm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Apparently in all that police training Barone didn’t learn anything about WordPress, comments, and IP addresses. He should ask for a full tuition refund.

  22. In some states, the bar rules will not let a lawyer call himself “doctor” unless he is also a medical doctor. Just saying.

  23. I just received this guy as a professor for my class. His “short bio” is about 4 pages long, single-spaced, and he refers to himself in the 3rd person. I went to his blog, and the writing is so bad, that I had to google his name just to see if he was anywhere else on the net. Then I found this gem of a blog. Thank you for posting it.

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