Police Aggravated Assault Caught on Video

Momma calls cops for help with mentally ill son.

Cops come, Officer Cardan Spencer shoots the son, who’s standing with his hands at his sides.

Son is charged with aggravated assault on the cops, which is what happens when the cops try to kill you and fail.

Until the video turns up…

4 responses to “Police Aggravated Assault Caught on Video”

  1. Don’t you just love it when you link to a video website then their ads become splashed on your users? WRAL in Raleigh used to, but I emailed them that we could no longer link to them as a Non-Profit we couldn’t carry ads. They stopped doing it. So far, during my reply, I’ve heard the Progressive Insurance video twice, then a sports feed.

    The Internet has gone to hell in a peachbasket. Ric

  2. My ad blocking settings must be set better than yours because I haven’t been exposed to any of that. And being blind and relying on text-to-speech to use the computer any extraneous sounds are incredibly annoying. To the point that earlier this year I ended up not visiting one of my otherwise favorite sites for a couple weeks because they had a video embedded on the front page and there was no way to make it stop. The video was at least directly related to the blog story rather than being an unrelated ad but still.

  3. After reading the comments posted beneath this story on several different sites, I can see a time coming when a similar incident involving a really gruesome beating or the death of someone who the public relates to and sympathizes with touches off rioting in perhaps dozens of cities across the country. And you know cops most certainly realize that the day is coming, yet they continue to provoke the citizenry on an almost daily basis. Makes me wonder if they don’t want a showdown.

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