Law-Talking Dude

I had a client pleading guilty in felony court last week; the sitting judge was out, and retired judge Mike Wilkinson was visiting, and took the plea.

Wilkinson talks really fast, and as I was listening to his plea admonishments it occurred to me that to my client, fluent in English but not in Legalese, the judge must sound something like this:

(If I had more time and more talent I’d make a movie to show judges what they sound like to the people appearing before them.)

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  1. To me, a non-legal person, most of what Lawyers say sounds like a cross between what the Simpson’s dog hears and the school teacher on Charile Brown. To be honest, my own choice is a guy I follow on Youtube, only because I cannot understand a thing he is saying he is so geeky, but I am enthralled by the fact that some people know so much about things I understand so little about.

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