RIP Brad Frye

I just learned that Houston criminal-defense lawyer (and frequent Defending People commenter) Charles B. “Brad” Frye died about an hour ago of COPD.

RIP, Brad. Take care of yourselves, everyone else.

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  1. I am deeply sorry to hear about Brad Frye. His passing comes as a terrible shock. Please pass my condolences to his family, Mark.

  2. RIP Brad. I tried one of my first misdemeanors against him. Really nice guy. I remember his closing argument was a homage to David Letterman: Top Ten reasons my client is not guilty. It was clever and memorable.

  3. Brad was a great guy. I tried a federal criminal case with him here in Lafayette a few years back and had a blast. He and iI became great friends and often talked about how much fun it would be to try another case together. I was always concerned about his smoking and his lung congestion and wouild tell him so, but he just laughed it off. I loved him like a brother. I just learned that he had died and my boat was rocked. We lost a great, good humored man, friend , and dedicated criminal defense attorney. Bill Goode

  4. I am very saddened to learn of Brad’s passing. I knew about it shortly after his passing, but it was too ate to leave condolences for the family. I met Brad shortly after his graduation from Texas Tech and though Brad was excited to begin the next leg of his journey through life, he always has the same old Brad and ever so humble. You are still greatly missed.

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