2015.6: Dallas Lawyer Robert J. Davis

There are dangerous pedophiles in the world, and some of them are civil lawyers. But that is no reason to assume that Dallas lawyer Robert J. Davis is either a pedophile or dangerous.

Because assuming that a civil lawyer like Robert J. Davis is a dangerous pedophile would be like assuming that a criminal lawyer is in cahoots with dangerous drug dealers.

And I wouldn’t do that. Most civil lawyers are not dangerous pedophiles, so if I had to take a position on the question I would be comfortable saying this: Robert J. Davis is neither dangerous nor a pedophile.

In that way I’m unlike Robert J. Davis, who wrote in a letter to the Attorney General:

It is self-evident that the release of Investigator Meehan’s personnel file to an attorney who represents alleged drug dealers could pose a threat to Investigator Meehan and his family’s personal safety and well being.

It’s probably several orders of magnitude more likely that a randomly chosen civil lawyer will diddle children than that a randomly chosen criminal-defense lawyer will reveal an officer’s information to people who would pose a danger to that officer.

But still, trust Robert J. Davis with your kids if you want to. I’m sure it’ll be okay.

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  1. I assume there is a fascinating story that goes along with this, and would really like to know what it is. A link perhaps? A few details of the backstory? Anything?

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