2015.43: Don’t Worry, Be Happy …

… I’ve got your back.

(Eat your heart out, Reposa.)

4 responses to “2015.43: Don’t Worry, Be Happy …”

  1. Thanks! After that last blog post I needed to keep it simple. I have to wonder if all of those philosophers and Big Thinks ever remember to “Don’t worry! “Be Happy!” ?

    I had my left leg amputated below the knee last October, 12 hours later I had a heart attack. For twenty minutes I wasn’t home. Then I woke up. In between there was nothing. No black, no white, no responsibilities nor external pressures, it was complete and utter peace. What the experience did do, was give me a profound sense of having “something left to do”. Our guy in the video embodies that, as he’s about what he can and does do.

  2. Mark, you sly dog. All that time I thought you were representing Rick for free, when in reality you were trading out for millions in free advertising jingles and performances . . .

  3. […] they exist, and most of us don’t give them a hug and a meal despite their odor.  We are not as good a person as Mark Bennett.  We walk around them, side-stepping their unpleasantness.  They are often the sort of person […]

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