2015.69: The Montgomery County Online-Solicitation Litigation

Yesterday Kelly Case, Judge of the 9th District Court in Montgomery County, Texas, found the remainder of Section 33.021 of the Texas Penal Code unconstitutional, and dismissed the case against a defendant charged with that crime. ((You can stop calling and emailing to tell me about it. I was there.))

Scared White Republican Voters are up in arms. Phil Grant is up in arms. ((To hear Phil Grant tell it, you would think that Montgomery County is a hotbed of pedophilia. Why is that? Are the SWRVs who flee the scary diversity of the city for the scared whiteness of MoCo especially prone to kiddy diddling?))

Judge Kelly Case and prosecutor Phil Grant both took the same oath: to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States and of this State. In holding the remainder of Section 33.021 unconstitutional, Case kept his oath. In his criticism of the decision, Grant calls into question his ability to keep his own oath.

Section 33.021 is a content-based restriction on speech. A content-based restriction on speech is presumptively invalid. Unless the State shows that the statute meets strict scrutiny — that it is, that it is narrowly tailored to further a compelling governmental interest, a judge is bound by his oath to find it unconstitutional. Absent any authority binding him to hold the statute constitutional, Judge Case was bound by oath to do what he did yesterday.

There should be nothing special about a district court judge holding a statute unconstitutional. It should happen regularly. Constitutions trump statutes, and appellate courts have found three Texas statutes unconstitutional under the First Amendment in the last two years alone. ((District judges have held another two statutes unconstitutional; three including 33.021(c).)) Yet when Judge Case follows his oath to defend the Constitution, people are surprised. Phil Grant gnashes his teeth, and the defense bar cheers.

There is a word for a judge who violates his oath to defend the Constitution. That word is corrupt. A judge who fails to defend the Constitution, for fear of losing his job or for hope of pecuniary gain or for any other reason, is a corrupt judge.

A judge who takes into account the wishes of the voters or of prosecutors in deciding not to hold a statute unconstitutional is as corrupt as a judge who takes money to rule a certain way. It avails the corrupt judge nothing to say that he would have ruled the same way regardless of the corrupt influence.

I can count on one hand the Harris County judges who are willing always to do the right thing despite how it will look to the voters. To most of my judicial readers: what’s it like, being corrupt? How does it feel to know that I know that you’re corrupt?

Judge Case is not corrupt. Phil Grant wishes Judge Case were corrupt, and rants against Judge Case because Judge Case is not corrupt and does not subordinate his oath to reelection. Phil Grant would incite corruption in the judiciary. Phil Grant wants to be a judge himself. Because of his visceral reaction to Judge Case following his oath, we can safely assume that when Phil Grant is judge he will relegate his own oath.

The Montgomery County Criminal Lawyers Association responded to Phil Grant’s statements in the Conroe paper. Here’s my favorite bit:

if Mr. Grant is incapable of protecting the children of Montgomery County without the help of unconstitutional statutes, then he is incapable of keeping his own oath, and is unfit to be either a prosecutor or judge.

Can you not see the problem here, Phil?

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  1. Mark- Well said. All judges claim fidelity to the Constitution, but claiming fidelity is easy and meaningless.

    How many of Harris Counties 37 judges would give up their judgeship in order to uphold the Constitution? I don’t see much evidence of that kind of moral courage in Harris County. I wish I did.

    Judge Kelly Case is the rare judge who has the moral courage to do what’s right under the Constitution. In the end, he will be remembered as a judge who put his oath before his ambition.

    Many people who seek to be judges lack the integrity displayed by Judge Case. I am reminded of my Maxim on Judicial Qualifications, ” Anyone who seeks to be a judge, by definition is not qualified to be a judge”

    In my opinion, the Honorable Kelly Case is an exception to the maxim. Judge Case sought the judgeship and having honored his oath, he has proven himself qualified to be a judge.

    Phil Grant, on the other hand, as evidenced by his outlandish statements, supports the truth of the Maxim.

    Robb Fickman

  2. And unfortunately we will likely lose Judge Case in the coming election cycle because of the number of SWRV’s we have up here in MoCo. And I essentially don’t have a vote to give him to help him stay because I’m not a Republican primary voter, that being a requirement to have a say in any local elections here.

  3. Maybe Plato was right, good people should be required to be judges, whether they want to or not.

  4. Please Mr.Bennette, Im reaching out to you and begging for you to please comtact my attorney Doug Atkinson in montgomery county tx. Please find it in your heart to help us, and save my family.. I pray you find this request and know I am in a bad place inside, and im praying and begging for you help.My attorney will recognize my name if ypu will please please contact him. thank you for reading this.

  5. I am moving.I am selling my home and leaving this county. I wish I never moved from Dallas, this is the most corrupt county ever ,false arrest, people are guilty not innocent . I lost my husband 8 mths ago. Now I’m going threw some BS charge with evidence of hear say … I hired supposedly the best attorney in town and let’s not mention the cost and I’m not impressed I can’t get out of here fast enough. I truley wish I could sue. The stress alone would make someone go off the deep end. This county dose not care about family’s they care about money .. I wish I could say more but I’m truly scarded too because who is really honest here

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