2015.92: Matthew Responds

I sent Matthew a link to my last post.

He quickly responded:

And now you’ve committed a handful of torts, including libel by taking my words out of context and tortious interference with business.

Enjoy the lawsuit I’m in the process of filing against you, psycho, arrogant, inferiority complex-ridden moron.


Attorney At Law

What Matthew doesn’t realize (because obviously he’s not a guy who does his homework before inviting experienced lawyers to join him in what appears to be fraud against a major investment company) is that I am not some civilian who quails at the thought of being dragged into court. I have been sued before, and I will be sued again. Every time someone tries to attack me for my writing, I make free speech stronger by refusing to cave in. So I actually will enjoy the lawsuit he is in the process of filing against me.

I hope Matthew doesn’t have a good friend with enough wisdom to tell him to stop digging. Maybe this’ll be my chance to buy Marc Randazza the best steak in Houston.

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  1. Some kind soul tried to offer a bit of counseling to Mr. Chappell but he wasn’t having any of it.

    Below is the email to Mr. Chappell and Mr. Chappell’s reply.


    Food for thought
    From: ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||@yandex.com>

    Recipient: [email protected]

    I read Mark Bennett’s blog post about his exchange with you, which prompted me to reach out to you. Despite the fact you don’t see open to advice, I’m going to offer it anyway because you are about to commit what is commonly called “Google suicide”, which would be unfortunate for a relatively new lawyer. No response to my email is desired or sought.

    Matthew, you should have Googled Mark Bennett before emailing him the first time. You most certainly should have Googled him before emailing him the second time or threatening to sue him. You should not have made the improper solicitation offer you did initially and you most certainly should not have threatened Mr. Bennett with a lawsuit because you did not like his reaction to your unsolicited, and frankly scammy, email.

    You appear to suffer from a severe case of ineradicable sphincteritis, resulting in your blustering threat to sue Mr. Bennett. Your emails have not made their way onto other legal blogs and discussion boards under the topic of “censorious legal asshattery”. . . YET. They will in short order if you continue to pursue your current course. In addition to Googling Mr. Bennett, you should Google “The Streisand Effect” and “Patrick Zarelli” and ponder carefully the results of what has happened to other lawyers hapless enough to entertain the lunacy of suing a top 1st amendment attorney in a State known for its tough Anti-SLAPP law. Frankly I hope you ignore my advice and sue Mr. Bennett as it will provide me, and many others, with months of high comedy and endless future memes on “things lawyers should never do”, which I keep in a file next to “what never to put in the microwave”.

    Matthew, you can either be the student or the lesson. Which one is up to you. Your most prudent course of action is to swallow your pride, apologize privately to Mr. Bennett, and hope he and his readers quickly forget about you. Otherwise I am certain you will shortly be the subject of a lively public discussion among a very widely read group of respected lawyers and legal blogs hashing over your shortcomings as a lawyer who cannot handle much deserved constructive criticism and instead threatens frivolous lawsuits to shut up other lawyers. I would imagine such posts and related discussions will be immortalized forever on the internet, most probably at the top of search engine rankings whenever someone Google’s your name looking for a lawyer. Hence the term “Google suicide”

    Mr. Chappell’s reply

    Re: Food for thought
    today at 08:20
    M. Chappell, Esq.

    Wow! You guys have waaaay too much time on your hands. Get some clients…or maybe a hobby? In other words, get a life. And oh, don’t email me ever again pretty please.

    Matthew Chappell
    Attorney At Law
    723 Main Street
    Suite 700-07
    Houston, Texas 77002
    [email protected]
    Website: mcattorney.net

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