2016.011: Followup on Three Good Deeds

Apropos of this post, I learned some interesting things at the courthouse.

Rumor is that the judge put Sam up to commenting on my blog — believable, since Sam isn’t the type to comment on blogs. Unfortunately the judge doesn’t seem to have told Sam the truth about her private sanction so he’s left denying something that I can prove to be true.

I also learned that the judge retaliated against one of her court staff for telling the truth to the Commission for Judicial Conduct about the incident for which she was sanctioned — which incident, I was reminded, was the judge’s retaliation for my client not kowtowing to her rudeness in the first place.

So: Judge is rude to lawyer. Lawyer stands up for herself. Judge retaliates against lawyer. Mark stands up for lawyer. Judge retaliates against Mark. Court staff stands up for truth. Judge retaliates against court staff. Classy!

Maybe the judge has a friend who can talk to her about the First Rule of Holes.


2 responses to “2016.011: Followup on Three Good Deeds”

  1. I don’t like bullies! Bullies pick on people. Bullies retaliate for being called out. Mark is 100% correct in each of his posts. He did not get one fact wrong. He has no problem with the truth!

  2. Holy crap. A hearty whack on the back [pat, actually] to YOU Mr. Bennett. I just read about all this, and I salute you. As well as anyone else who exposed themselves to torment from above.

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