2016.013: An Apology

It’s no secret that the groom and I will never be friends. Since he was a baby prosecutor I’ve had grave ethical concerns about him. I’ve named him a couple of times in this blog.

But the groom being fair game doesn’t make the bride fair game.

Someone sent me a link to a story about the groom’s wedding proposal, in which he had faked his own arrest. I shared it in a three-word tweet:

Fascists in Love TweetAt no time did it occur to me that in this, the work of about five seconds, I was painting the bride with the “fascist” label as well as the groom. Of course that’s what the plural does. But the underlying story does not demonstrate the bride’s own authoritarianism: Love is a funny thing, and libertarians fall in love with authoritarians all the time.

Recently I heard that the bride had seen the tweet and been hurt by it.

To the bride: I apologize unreservedly. I had no intention of hurting you. I have deleted the tweet, and will be more mindful in the future of the damage my words can cause to innocent bystanders.

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