2016.021: CDL Behaving Badly

Lest you believe I think Harris Prosecutors have a monopoly on bad behaviorcheck out the full video, then come back. Or here’s the money shot:

Kerry is my client. Paul (on the other side of Kerry from me) is one of Kerry’s former lawyers. Buck is the lawyer for Jim, who lied for 39 years (including in three trials) about his relationship with Linda Jo, the victim. He also lied for 39 years — until the State gave him immunity — about what he knew about this book, which contains photos strikingly similar to the crime-scene photos. Jim was willing to let his lies be used to send Kerry to Death Row; he was, at the very least, depravedly indifferent to Kerry’s life and is, in my opinion, the most likely alternate suspect. ((Buck had given the State an affidavit with an incorrect opinion (that there is no way a certain ex-client of his would have been employed by the State in 1977), and did nothing to correct it when I showed him that that the ex-client was in fact used extensively by the trial prosecutor to investigate the case and testify in a change-of-venue hearing.))

The criminal-defense bar’s reading of the Declaration of Independence on the courthouse steps is a growing tradition. Started by Robb Fickman in Harris County, it has spread to all 254 of Texas’s counties, including Smith County, where Kerry and I had a hearing scheduled before the scheduled Declaration reading.

These Declaration readings are for the criminal-defense bar — organized by Robb Fickman and TCDLA — but the local organizers may allow others to join. So Paul was not entirely out of line in inviting Kerry to join in, and Buck wasn’t entirely out of line in objecting.

But Kerry was in line to read before the reading of this sacred document began. Since Buck objected to participating in a reading with Kerry, he could have a) had a quiet word with the President of the local criminal-defense bar, and asked that Kerry be politely asked not to participate; b) not participated himself; or c) read his part, then quietly excusing himself.

Instead of any of these grownup options Buck chose to throw a tantrum on the courtroom steps, interrupting the reading of the Declaration of Independence.

Grow up, Buck.

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  1. Every sonofabitch involved in Kerry Max’s prosecution (persecution might be better term) should be in a jail cell. That includes A.D. Clark and Jack Skeen. (I tried the WORST case of my life in Skeen’s “court” a few years ago – agg sx asslt of a child to boot–not long after the Mineola Swingers Case got shit-canned in the Houston appeals court – thank God for docket equalization in the appeals courts or no one would have ever heard anything about that case again). Any criminal defense lawyer should read Kerry Max’s book (Chasing Justice) – it will chill you to the bone how quickly an innocent person can get caught in the grinding wheels of injustice. I’m glad that Kerry Max got you to jump into his case–nothing like a few days to prepare for the all or nothing hearing, right? Good work, counselor.

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