2016.029: Thank You

You may have noticed that I’ve added a widget to the right-hand column of “Cool Things I Really Like.” It’s stuff that I buy for myself, and can get more of if you use the links (or, with UberEats, the code “eats-nw0pp) to buy something for yourself.

I just added a link to Nootrobox. I chew their GoCubes, which are coffee (with other sparkly ingredients) in small gelatinous cubes. They’ve got other nootropics as well, and if you are interested in biohacking they have a lot of interesting stuff to read on their website.

Thank you especially to those of you who have ordered custom shirts from Original Stitch. I hope you enjoy wearing them, and think fondly of me when you do. I’ll think fondly of you, whoever you are, for helping fund my custom shirt habit.

11 responses to “2016.029: Thank You”

  1. Being too tall for XL, but too thin for XXL, I’m quite the fan of custom shirts, but I resent the markup charged by tailors in the US for shirts made overseas anyway. Will order from your link next time.

    L-theanine + Caffeine is one of the few nootropic “stacks” well supported by empirical evidence.

    It’s frustrating to find on the market, but if you can, give Chromadex’s “Purenergy” a shot. Caffeine bonded with pterostilbene.

  2. Nootrobox screams bullshit woo. Setting their employees on 36 hour fasts? That is not healthy. The claims in their website are not scientifically shown. You may as well be leaking homeopathic remedies.

    Skip the overpriced, completely unregulated crap, take a caffeine pill, and eat some tapioca balls. At least then you actually know what you’re ingesting.

    • Err…taking homeopathic remedies, though leaking them is an interesting image. I’m definitely reusing that.

      • Was that harsh? I enjoy your blog greatly, and it pains me when otherwise intelligent people (anyone, really, but more so for people who should know better) buy into alternative treatments. Think of Nootrobox and biohacking like drug dog alerts. It’s a cool idea, but, it doesn’t work at present, and the incentives are all messed up. You’re the judge here. Do the right thing.

        (I do appreciate that you didn’t just delete my comment. Well within your rights, but I appreciate the allowance of dissent.)

        • Caffeine + L-Theanine works great for me. I don’t know about Nootrobox’s other products, but my faith in medicine and government regulation to keep us well is nonexistent — they are responsible for forty years of high-carb diets and margarine.

  3. Try old fashioned Anacin. It relieves any aches and pains, and gives you a kick in the buttocks. You’ll be cleaning the house or filing papers in no time. Cheap, proven safe for generations and completely legal. 🙂 Ric

  4. Don’t you just love the way some peoplez interpret the sharing of what you enjoy as an invitation to take a I-knowz-more-better-stuffs-than-you verbal crap on said sharing of enjoyment?

    This was a first to learn about Go Cubes–thanks for passing it on! Do you find the jitters/ let down to be as gentle as they claim? Have you experienced any additional benefits vs. regular coffee other than the carry-convenience and ease of use?

    • So…if this post was about the enjoyment of beating your kids, killing hobos, or pissing in public pools, my criticism would still be considered “I-knowz-more-better-stuffs-than-you verbal crap on said sharing of enjoyment”?

      Of course not.

      Yes, I know, killing hobos is much worse than taking a completely unregulated substance with claimed health benefits that are, at best, dubious, and at worst, complete lies. The logic of your comment, though, would apply to both equally.

      • The logic of the offending comment can only “apply to both equally” if you remove “of course not” from your equation.

        Remove “Of course not,” and your original question is no longer rhetorical. In which case, the answer is yes.

        Everything after that is just semantics.

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