2016.036: More Feedback for John Casement [edited]

I took a closer look at John Casement’s “LegalJot” website (archived here):


The New Jersey Courts’ index of attorneys shows no “Tyler Schultz.”

The New York Courts’ attorney search shows no Erin Brooks.

California shows several John Russells, one of whom might be in the same age range as the guy in the picture. I’ve reached out to him to inquire.

But I’m betting that “John Russell, CA” is made up like Tyler Schultz and Erin Brooks, because:

Stock photo matching "John Russell." Stock photo matching "Erin Brooks." Stock photo matching "Tyler Schultz."

Yes, you are correct: Crooked [pretend-]lawyer John Casement, on his website hawking “content written by attorneys” has invented two — and probably three — lawyers from whole cloth, inventing names and choosing stock photos to represent them.

This causes bar problems for Casement. [The joke’s on me. The Missouri Directory of Lawyers shows no lawyer with the last name “Casement.” So Casement isn’t violating bar rules, which only apply to lawyers. He’s just committing fraud.]

The lesson that Casement will take from this is that when someone tells him, “If I could keep you from getting licensed, with your talk of ‘leads,’ I would,” he probably shouldn’t email him with his next scam.

The lesson that Casement should take from this is not to lie, because he’s probably going to get caught, and when he does it’s going to hurt.

The lesson that the rest of you should take from this is to do your due diligence before sending any money to a marketer, even if he is [or claims to be] a lawyer. If he is so shoddy with his own ethics and reputation, you don’t want to trust him with yours.

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  1. Is this a John Casement that said he is certified in marketing and analytics etc that also went to law school? I am trying to figure out if I am being scammed. I hired a guy by this name and I paid him up front to get started on an analytics project.

      • So this guy did some work for me and then the next time he strait up scammed me for a higher dollar amount. He doesn’t publish his real phone number or address. This guy is fishy to work with. Definitely do not recommend working with him, because he is a fake business and will take your money and not respond to you.

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