2016.040: Frivolity

I had to share this. I think it came out looking like a Dutch Renaissance painting.

Photo of big dog carrying skull.

I call it “Miniature Clydesdale With Human Skull” or “Hey, Ridiculous Dog, Where Are You Going With My Still Life?”

One response to “2016.040: Frivolity”

  1. Elegant. Pure. Simple.

    This piece really hits close to home for me. I mean… I get it.

    I really feel what the artist is saying as if he or she were screaming it to me: My skull is merely a ball with no skin, muscle, tissue, and brain matter. And if I can be really honest with myself, I understand that our bodies are mere vehicles—transporting our clothes from this location to that location and back. And our skulls, with all the skin, muscle, tissue, and brain matter, we are all passengers. Our destination: Dog Poop.

    I mean… I get it.

    So pure.

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