Donald Trump will keep his campaign promises just like he keeps promises in business: only as and when it continues to suit his interests.

The wall will not be built unless Trump invests in the Mexican ladder industry, in which case Mexico will not pay for it.

The yard man and the busboy will not be deported.

The rust belt will go on rusting. 

Unemployment will rise. ((Those jobs are lost to machines; not to Mexicans. A modern billion-dollar steel mill employs four hundred people, not fifty thousand.))

ISIS will not be defeated.

America’s economic decline will continue as Trump’s and Clinton’s mutual cronies get richer. 

And Trump will cast the blame on others.

Meanwhile, there’s not a whole lot that you or I can do about it, so let’s love our people, do our work, and enjoy the show. 

8 responses to “Prophecy”

  1. Even if all of that comes to pass (though I hope that it does not) he’s already done the job that many of us were hiring him to do, when we held our noses. Namely, keeping that career criminal out of the White House.

    None of the above is to be read as implying that I’ll be cutting him any slack going forward, of course.

  2. Corporate welfare, entitlement program, and military spending levels will only change little from administration-to-administration. Once in office, there is little discernible difference among the candidates. Washington is controlled by the bureaucrats and large corporations. This will be no different under Trump.

  3. I’m still shocked that shortly after the Great Recession voters didn’t trust the candidate who bravely discussed income equality in a $10k Versace TM suit, who embraced the tried and true neocon foreign policy, who vowed to take on Goldman Sachs after they only paid her $675k for secret speeches, and who called merely half of them deplorable. Stupid rednecks. Why couldn’t they see those mandatory Obamacare payments to corporations were for their own good and would eventually probably go down? Probably ’cause, if they went to college at all, it was at a state school in flyover country. Hopefully that pharmaceutical lobbyist Howard Dean can get these uneducated racists from ‘Dumbfuckistan’ (got this from my FB feed today and it was applied to almost all of the country) to stop clinging to their guns and their God.

  4. Thanks for that reassuring note.

    And meanwhile, the federal courts and especially the Supreme Court will hurt people that I care for if he gets his appointees. Any way to stop that damage that will last for decades?

    And how do we come to terms and work together with people who voted for someone who uttered so many racist and misognynistic dog whistles because they did not find that important? I am still reeling, but trying to figure out how to deal. Not even sure if I sure be afraid to use my own name.

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