Is Your Mind Set?

Karl went to the store to buy a set of tools to fix his car. Only when he got home did he discover that all of the wrenches were SAE instead of metric. Discouraged, he walked back toward the store.

On the way Karl stopped, deep in thought. But while he stood there the freshly poured concrete of the sidewalk set, and Karl lost his best pair of shoes. Demoralized, he turned back home in his socks.

But Karl got lost in the dark, because the sun had already set. And for all we know he still wanders lost, in his stockinged feet, carrying the wrong set of tools.

4 responses to “Is Your Mind Set?”

  1. Based on those facts, the best thing that happened is that he got the wrong tools. Karl is obviously incapable of fixing something as complex as a car. At least his family can get it it repaired and move on with their lives.

  2. A true story from some time back when the us was considering going to metric. I was in a hardware store and a lady asked me a question. She asked: “I need a nut that is between 9/16 and 5/8.” Recalling a 6th grade math lesson I answered 19/32. she thanked me saying “oh thank goodness for your help, I am so worried about switching over to metric, I have so much trouble thinking in anything but 10s.” she probably voted for trump. I voted for Mark for CCA

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