There Goes a Man

I learned this weekend that the Honorable Herb Ritchie, whom I took to task (albeit without naming him, since he was only an example of the implicit corruption that is tolerated at the Harris County courthouse because it always has been tolerated) here for soliciting money from lawyers who would be practicing before him, is returning contributions made by lawyers with cases pending before him “in order to avoid even the appearance of impropriety.”

I don’t know what prompted his decision, and I don’t care. Kudos to Judge Ritchie, and may he be a harbinger of a new less-corrupt age at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center.

2 responses to “There Goes a Man”

  1. Glad he came around–maybe you helped give him a nudge.
    One question: I don’t know what you meant by not naming him, because it seemed like you DID name him in the original post. The letter had his name on the letterhead, as did the 8-day report. Have enjoyed your blog for quite a while (newish lawyer living rural Georgia).

    • While I didn’t try to conceal his identity from readers, I didn’t use his name in the post, so a search for his name wouldn’t turn up the post. That makes all the difference.

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