Such an Alpha, He Even Piddles Himself Dominantly

Trump offers a submissive palm-up hand to Putin.

Trump ‘won’ Putin handshake: body-language expert.

Erm. No.

Submissive dogs reveal their throats.

Humans show their palms.

. . . .

The opposite of the dominant handshake is to offer your hand with the palm facing downwards … symbolically giving the other person the upper hand, like a dog exposing its throat to a superior dog.”

. . . .

When two dominant people shake hands, a symbolic power struggle takes place as each person attempts to turn the other’s palm into the submissive position. The result is a vice-like handshake with both palms remaining in the vertical position and this creates a feeling of equality and mutual respect because neither is prepared to give in to the other.

Body Language — the Leverage in Your Hands.

This never was really debatable. In fact, here’s Judi James, the same hack who told the New York Post that Trump “won” the handshake, a year ago talking about another Trump handshake:

The handshake at the end was probably what Nigel will see as his moment and the way Trump approached palm-up suggested he was about to get a ritual that suggested ‘equals’ at last.

But Trump is the master manipulator. That hand grabbed Nigel’s and rolled upward to be used to direct him off stage with a few patronising pats to see him on his way.

Such a master manipulator that he wins by submitting?


2 responses to “Such an Alpha, He Even Piddles Himself Dominantly”

  1. Mark, I’m really glad we have another post from you, even if the subject is a bit more trivial than Constitutional rights. I wondered before the G20 meeting if Trump would use his handshake pull, or jerk, or whatever it is called. As for your rhetorical last question, I find it hard to imagine that Trump could think that complexly. I imagine that Trump would be the most wretched chess player ever, not thinking beyond one move. If he were a lawyer, rather than an employer of lawyers, I suspect he would be eaten alive in a courtroom or deposition.

  2. Mark – our entire intelligence apparatus says the evidence is definitive that the KGB agent personally oversaw Russia’s interference with our election. Most Presidents would accept this information and act accordingly. The realtor has publicly rejected the findings and payed homage to the KGB Agent from the gitgo. He turned his palm up well before the meeting. The KGB Agent has such powerful leverage that the realtor will always be palms up. I am hoping that Muller Answers the Why.
    Hookers and a gimp video or money, doesn’t matter. The leverage is there.

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