Another Shot at Injustice

This is going out today to Nico LaHood, the District Attorney of Bexar County. Similar letters are going out to Kim Ogg, the District Attorney of Harris County; and Sharen Wilson, the District Attorney of Tarrant County.

I think Wilson has done the most to fix the problem—her office sent out letters notifying people that they might be entitled to relief from convictions under the void section 33.021(b) of the Texas Penal Code.

But nobody has, as far as I know, taken the obvious step of asking trial courts to appoint counsel to people suffering such convictions.

So that’s what I’m asking.

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4 responses to “Another Shot at Injustice”

  1. While I was in Prison, I filed 8 HC’s on this and their charges were overturned. I informed several more but they did not want to chance it? I have sent personal letters out to many people since I have been released but have not received any response.
    I am very proud to be associated with you and your efforts.

    • I appreciate that you did this, and also that you gave your clients enough information that some of them didn’t want to chance it. For some, a 33.021(b) conviction was as good as things were going to get. I heard recently from a guy who’d gotten 40 years for 33.021(b) (it was his third felony), reopened the case (not with my help), and then got life on four agg sex assaults.

  2. Why wouldn’t they send out letters letting people know they are entitled to relief?! Isn’t this letter like a Brady notice? Shouldn’t there be ethical implications?

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