All But Their Four Fastest.

Our Mission: To receive, analyze and preserve physical and digital evidence while adhering to the highest standards of quality, objectivity and ethics.

(Houston Forensic Science Center.)

HFSC will redo the forensic analysis in the homicide case to ensure law enforcement and prosecutors have accurate, reliable information that will assist in their investigation.

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One response to “All But Their Four Fastest.”

  1. The number of incidents that have been documented in the Texas DPS crime labs from 2005-2017……over 2500 incidents.

    Crime Laboratory System – 60 incidents
    Abilene Laboratory – 49 incidents
    Amarillo Laboratory – 40 incidents
    Austin Laboratory – 669 incidents
    CODIS Laboratory – 68 incidents
    Corpus Christi Laboratory – 38 indents
    El Paso Laboratory – 140 incidents
    Garland Laboratory – 278 incidents
    Houston Laboratory – 616 incidents
    Laredo Laboratory – 37 incidents
    Lubbock Laboratory – 123 incidents
    Midland Laboratory – 18 incidents
    Tyler Laboratory – 139 incidents
    Waco Laboratory – 133 incidents

    How many of these negligence/misconduct incidents were reported to the FSC (as required per CCP 38.01)? How many lab managers and/or supervisors were reprimanded or fired for failing to curtail incidents from reoccurring? How many of these made the news?

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