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  • This Looks Like a Job For ACDLA!

    Texas judge bans cowboy boots from court, and criminal-defense lawyers are up at arms. (Austin American-Statesman.)

  • Free Adam Reposa!

    The criminal-defense lawyer who served as the presiding director of the Austin Criminal Defense Lawyers Association wrote yesterday to tell me that Adam Reposa’s writ was denied and he has to start serving his 90-day contempt sentence. Eighteen months ago I wrote, a bit critically, of the ACDLA’s role in the Reposa Affair. In yesterday’s […]

  • A Tale of Two Associations

    Compare and contrast: The purpose of ACDLA primarily is educational, and ACDLA provides its members with a variety of educational opportunities related to protecting the individual rights guaranteed by the Texas and the United States Constitutions, preserving the citizenry’s and court system’s commitment to those rights, and promotion of competent and ethical representation of persons […]

  • ACDLA and The Reposa Affair

    Austin criminal-defense lawyer Keith Lauerman, on his sparse blog, gives his take on the winners and losers of last week’s contempt hearing in which Adam Reposa got 90 days in jail for making masturbatory gestures toward a judge. Keith, who was there, explains how the County Attorney’s Office, Mr. Reposa, and the Austin Bar were […]