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  • On Behalf of Matt Brown, You’re Welcome.

    David DeCosta was set up, to begin with: set up by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and the Phoenix Police Department, and almost certainly factually innocent. Phoenix criminal-defense lawyer Matt Brown didn’t know that at first, but he found the story of DeCosta’s arrest for allegedly trying to sneak drugs to Jesse Alejandro interesting enough […]

  • It’s Never too Late to Repent, John and Johnny

    Cameron Todd Willingham died at age 36. Convicted of capital murder in Corsicana, Texas in 1991 for the fire death of his three daughters, Willingham was executed in 2004. The evidence against Willingham? A jailhouse snitch, Johnny Webb, who alleged that Willingham had confessed to him that he took “some kind of lighter fluid, squirting […]

  • This Is What They Teach at Georgetown?

    Austin criminal-defense lawyer Dax Garvin laments in a comment to my Advice to a Young Criminal Defense Trial Lawyer post, “I just wish more cases would go to trial… it seems most clients justdon’t want to take the risk, and I fully understand and respect that.” Miami criminal-defense lawyer Brian Tannebaum, fresh out of a […]

  • Troy Davis

    That the following is a question that a court can even ask, shows that the system is seriously broken: Whether Davis can still be executed if he can establish innocence under the second standard [clear and convincing evidence that no reasonable fact finder would have found him guilty] but cannot satisfy his burden under the […]

  • Actual Innocence in Collin County

    Collin County DA John Roach has, after 18 months in which his office spent 5,000 man-hours and more than $47,000 re-investigating the case, announced that there is no longer a good-faith basis for upholding the conviction of Michael Blair: Therefore, under my duty to not only uphold the law but to see that justice is […]