Category: Appeals

  • Funny the Things You Learn When You RTFM

    Over at Women in Crime Ink, Katherine Scardino (one of Houston’s leading criminal-defense lawyers) writes about the reversal of Robert Fratta’s death-penalty conviction by Judge Melinda Harmon of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas. (Via Grits for Breakfast.) Guidry, Prystash, and Fratta were all charged with the murder of Fratta’s wife. […]

  • Another Odd Victory

    Today a Harris County jury gave my 26-year-old client six years in prison for stealing $780,000 worth of material from his employer, 3M. The prosecutor’s last plea offer was 15 years. Six years is not the longest prison sentence I’ve ever considered a win, but it’s not the shortest. We’ve filed a notice of appeal […]