Category: Habeas Corpus

  • Glory Hounds

      Alex Bunin is a badass, to begin with. He is a talented administrator, a great lawyer, and a kind and humble human being. Whoever nominated him as a candidate when Harris County was considering forming a public defender’s office deserves a medal. The Dispute over Writs Nobody but Judge Mary Lou Keel knows how […]

  • Texas Padilla Retroactivity News: Good and Weird

    First the good: State v. Golding, out of the First Court of Appeals today, is an appeal from the granting of a Padilla writ by the best damn judge in the Harris County Criminal Justice Center, our friend Larry Standley. Judge Standley showed yet again that he is not afraid to grant habeas relief, and […]

  • Casuistry

    I knew I was going to have to appeal this case when a prosecutor said to me, “this hearing won’t take long—the case wasn’t a misdemeanor.” If the case wasn’t a misdemeanor, you see, I filed the wrong sort of writ of habeas corpus—an 11.09 writ rather than an 11.07 writ. If I should have […]

  • An Embarrassment Even to Criminal Defense Lawyers

    I wrote way back in ought-seven about how criminal-defense lawyers are unembarrassable. I find my unembarrassability challenged by this: Houston lawyer Jerome Godinich has blown deadlines to file writs of habeas corpus for death row prisoners three times. In [two of the] cases, the lawyer waited until after business hours on the last day an […]