Category: Asshat Lawyer of the Day

  • Who Doesn’t Want Broader Jury Pools?

    When courts summon everyone who meets the minimum requirements for sitting on a jury – that they are county residents at least 18 years old and not convicted felons – there’s a potential of “diluting” jury pools, said Athens attorney Harry Gordon, who served as district attorney for Clarke and Oconee counties for nearly three […]

  • Asshat Lawyer of the Day Kirk Bernard

    Washington personal injury lawyer Kirk Bernard. No editorializing required—Kirk makes it look so easy. (H/T Kevin O’Keefe via Twitter.) (More: Kirk Bernard is a Slime Ball.)

  • Somewhere Napoleon is Smiling

    Over two years ago, shortly before the most recent election for the fifteen Harris County Criminal Court at Law (misdemeanor) benches, there was a brouhaha at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center about a politically incorrect email sent by CCCL6 Judge Larry Standley to other judges: The issue: an e-mail [captioned, “What in the world […]

  • ADA: Advertising Makes the Man Edition

    Spending lots of money on the web advertising yourself as a “DWI Lawyer” when you have taken only six criminal cases, only four of which were DWI cases (PDF) — and have never handled one to completion — in your home county in the three years you’ve been licensed is not quite enough, by itself, […]

  • That Sharolyn Wood Is Such a Joker.

    From this morning’s Chronicle story (by Mary Flood and Brian Rogers) on the ouster of the Republican judges: Civil District Judge Sharolyn Wood, who lost the seat she’s had since 1985, lamented that voters have lost “about 250 years of judicial experience” in this sweep. She said Harris County’s judiciary has been kept stable by […]

  • I Trully Hope She Learns From This Expiernce!

    Brooklyn lawyer Marina Tylo has sued New York Attorney Malpractice Blog blogger Andrew Lavoott Bluestone for defamation, because he wrote about a case in which she was (unsuccessfully) sued for malpractice for “serving a summons before buying the index number.” (I gather that “buying the index number” is the New York’s equivalent of filing a […]