Category: bad legal advice

  • A Bad Lawyering Combination: 11-28-3

    Mr. James D. Evans, III has been licensed as an attorney in Texas and Mississippi for over 16 years. Attorney Evans has the expertise needed to handle even the most complex criminal and civil litigation. He is an experienced trial lawyer in both state and federal trial courts. If you have legal issues or concerns […]

  • If You Lose the Will to Win, You Will Lose.

    Here's why I don't allow anonymous comments here: In my opinion there's only one way to reliably win for a criminal defendant at trial: you have some evidence that is devastating to the prosecution's case, you disguise it so that neither the judge nor the prosecutor knows what its significance is, you get it into […]

  • The UCC: Ban it Fully, or Not at All.

    I got a letter from a Texas prison last week: contraband had been confiscated from an inmate (not a client) after arriving in an envelope with my return address on it. The contraband was described as “two UCC Packets.” After dashing off a cross letter to the warden about people using my return address to […]

  • Also Heard at the Courthouse

    I’ve had many potential clients tell me that they had taken deferred adjudication probation because their lawyers (and, in some cases, judges) had told them that deferred adjudication would not appear on their records. I’ve long ascribed this to miscommunication — to criminal-defense lawyers telling the literal but misleading truth about deferred adjudication (that it […]