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  • If He’s an Expert, Then So Is My Dog

    Yesterday at the ABA Journal Blogs, Debra Cassens Weiss asked, Are Ghostwritten Blogs Unethical. In the comments, “defunct big law associate” (in other words, my Rhodesian Ridgebacks have spent more time in law offices than he has) BL1Y writes, The fact that this is even a question shows a fundamental flaw in understanding how law […]

  • Wait: “Temporary Attorney” is a Career?

    National Law Journal (H/T Omar Ha-Redeye)notes the decline of business for contract attorneys: As law firms downsize, laid-off attorneys and new law school graduates unable to find jobs have been turning to an option they may never have imagined at law school: becoming contract attorneys — hired guns [or, more aptly, cannon fodder] for $35 […]

  • And By the Way, What Ever Happened to &?

    Dallas law firm Rose • Walker is representing software company McAfee in its suit against New York (?) law firm WilmerHale for overbilling McAfee while losing the securities fraud case of its former CFO, Prabhat Goyal. WilmerHale’s team of former prosecutors billed McAfee $12 million to lose Goyal’s case in federal court in San Francisco. […]

  • Pro Bono

    A few recent blog posts about pro bono representation . . . • Carolyn Elefant’s (Legal Blog Watch) recent post on Arbor Hill v. Albany, in which she comments on (among other things) my post about that case: The problem here was that Gibson Dunn took the case pro bono, and as such, its fee […]